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Questions and Answers


Do you photograph at any location?

Yes, most locations. Give Tina a call or a message about a particular place you'd like to go to, I love farms, animals your own house and I am happy to travel.

How long are the sessions?

Standard photo sessions have a duration of up to, two and a half hours. The session fee is $200.00. When completed, the edited photos can be viewed with me or through an online gallery. The session fee covers your initial consultation, which takes place in person or via the phone.

I like to let our sessions unfold naturally, if we're having a hard time and there might be a tantrum we always make sure we have the full hour should we need more time.  

What to wear?

Please keep it simple and comfortable with block colours and not too many strips or patterns. Please wear shoes that are good for walking in. Make sure you can sit on the ground in it for anyone wanting to wear a dress. Tone down on the bright colours and don't over-accessorise. Please consider what you wear under your top bra straps and shoe string tops. Keep them hidden under a jersey or a cardigan.

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